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Friday, December 16, 2011


I have just found another possible 'Mawbey' convict, the third so far.
This one, a female, ANN MORBY, 30, was transported to Van Diemen's Land after being sentenced to 'life' in the Oxford Assizes on 18 July 1835.
Five months later, on 14 December 1835, she was one of 132 convicts transported from England on the Arab to Van Diemen's Land.
[Source: Qld State Library]

Her physical description can be seen by clicking on Ann Morby's description (p.140).
She was a farm servant, 5 ft 6 in tall, dark complexion with black hair and eyebrows, a large head and visage, high forehead, long nose, wide mouth and dark brown eyes. Her two front teeth on her upper jaw were missing.