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Friday, December 16, 2011


Last Thursday was a very exciting day for MAWBEY FAMILY AUSTRALIA.
I heard from a female member of the Tasmanian Mawbeys living in a neighbouring suburb who told me that a female member of her husband's line was living in Perth.
And that this lady's husband had written a family history about it!

But it didn't stop there.
A female great cousin living in Dubbo told me she and her husband were using their Fly Buys to go to Perth this weekend!

So I gave her the phone number of the Mawbey in Perth and she said she would get in touch with her.
I wished I was going to meet her too.
Received a lovely letter dated 31 March 2010 from Margaret, a descendent of the Tasmanian branch of the MAWBY family now living in Perth.
She revealed that her line started with the convict JOHN MAWBY who was transported to Van Diemen's Land in 1842 for burglary.
Among his children with Maria INGLIS was NATHAN MAWBY.

Nathan married Agnes (Lydia) HAKE (b.1874) and had four sons: WILLIAM NATHAN Mawby [MAUBY] b. 1895; THOMAS Alfred Charles [MAWBEY] b.1897; IVON Eldon Lambert [MAWBEY] b.1898; and JOHN JOSEPH NATHAN (NAT) [MAWBEY] b.1899. [Source: Tas Archives Office - Colonial Tasmanian Family Links]
. All three Nathans are mentioned in my posts on the Tasmanian Mawbeys and the Mawbey military service.

Thank you so much Margaret for establishing the connection with this line of 'the Tasmanian Mawbeys' with the convict JOHN MAWBY, plus all the other additional information you provided.

I hope to meet you one day.