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Wednesday, December 28, 2011


A young boy from England sentenced to transportation for 14 years, double the usual sentence.
In January 1835 he was before Hobart Town Quarter Sessions on two occasions on charges of theft.
He was acquitted the first time for want of evidence, but on the second occasion was sentenced to transportation beyond the seas for 7 years.
The Colonial Times, Hobart, Tuesday 13 January 1835
Quarter Sessions. Thursday January 8th. Present - Joseph Hone, Esq, J P Chair; A Crombie, Esq; and a Military Jury.
Joseph Mawbey, a prisoner of the Crown, John Motton, free, two very little boys, were charged with stealing two pair of shoes, from the shop of Mr. Nance, in Liverpool-street. Both prisoners not Guilty.

The Colonial Times, Hobart, Tuesday 27 January 1835
Quarter Sessions-Hobart Town
Saturday 24 January 1835
John Mawbey, stood charged with stealing from the shop of Mr. Benjamin Henry a piece containing seven silk handkerchiefs, value 25s.
Verdict Guilty.
Sentenced to be transported beyond seas for seven years.     
The prisoner is a boy apparently very young, and is already under sentence of transportation for fourteen years from England, and only a fortnight ago was tried at the Quarter Sessions, in conjunction with a free boy, when from some want of evidence he was acquitted.