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Saturday, December 17, 2011


This is what Tasmanian newspapers have had to say about 'the Tasmanian Mawbeys' during the early 20th century:
The Mercury Tuesday 31 July 1900
Will Person who took Groceries, New Town Tram, Monday, mistake, please return to Mr N MAWBEY.

The Mercury, Wednesday 3 February 1904
Drainage Scheme to be proceeded with. N. MAWBEY employed to look after the lamps and other work, but could not be guaranteed 4 days work every week. He accepted that and was told he would be given any extra work that might come up.
The Mercury, Friday 3 May 1907
City Police Court. Stamp Act. N. MAWBEY was fined 5s. for a breach of the Stamp Act

The Mercury, Thursday 23 August 1917
Police Courts. Hobart. NATHAN MAWBEY for leaving a motor car unattended in Macquarie-street on August 4 was fined 5s. costs remitted.

The Mercury, Hobart, Wednesday 28 May 1919
Inquest. Death by drowning of child MALCOLM RAYMOND MAWBEY, 18 months, in the creek at New Town.

His father, NATHANIEL MAWBEY, caretaker of the sports ground at New Town, found his son in the creek after he heard a boy say there was a child in the water.
EDITH MAWBEY, 14, sister of the deceased, said she saw her brother playing in the yard about 11 a.m. on Saturday.
She went into the house for about three minutes, and when she came out her brother was missing, so she told her mother.
The Mercury, Saturday 1 November 1919

Notice. No Thoroughfare through GLEBE ESTATE, NEW TOWN, by people going to Races from this date. Trespassers prosecuted. W N MAWBEY. 30/10/19.
The Mercury, Monday 29 July 1918
Roll of Honour. 419th Casualty List. The Tasmanians. Wounded, MAWBEY, Wm NATHAN, New Town.
The Mercury, Monday 17 February 1919

Tasmanian Contingents. Soldiers returning to Tasmania per H T Morvada. Nursing staff. Pte MAWBEY, W N 13th F Amb (N. MAWBEY New Town)
The Mercury, Saturday 7 January 1905

Local Board of Health. Three tenders for extension of Maypole Creek. The cheapest 38 pounds by Pinfold and MAWBEY was accepted. [Source:]