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Friday, December 16, 2011


This was the first post I made about the Tasmanian Mawbeys on 2 February 2010.
What I have able to ascertain thus far is that there were two branches of the MAWBEY family in Tasmania.
Two convicts bearing that name were sent there, one spelt MAWBEY and the other MAWBY. The former, Joseph, was a young boy around the age of 10 and the latter a teenager named John, aged 18.

The name that gets regularly mentioned in the early Hobart newspapers is of Nathanial (Nathan) MAWBEY.
In 1919 he was the caretaker of a sportsground at New Town. It was while he was in that position that his son Malcolm Raymond MAWBEY drowned as a toddler in a creek near his house.
Nathan had another son, William Nathan MAWBEY, and a daughter Edith.

Coincidentally, of his descendents, TASMAN 'TAS' HAROLD MAWBEY was the caretaker of a park at Roseville on Sydney's North Shore in the 1960s.I grew up on the North Shore and lived with my family at Pymble at that time.
I now live in the suburb of Chatswood which is next to Roseville.
One of the young descendents of Nathan MAWBEY who I met on Facebook calls her relations 'the Tasmanian Mawbeys' as distinct from 'the NSW Mawbeys' like me.